Steve Jobs introduces the Mac for the first time [Video Flashback]

Watch a piece of Apple and computing history as Steve Jobs intros the Mac in 1984


With that patented Steve Jobs flair and charm, the Macintosh was introduced on January 24, 1984. Yep, this week is all about celebrating the introduction of the revolutionary computer that would go on to fundamentally change the way the entire world used and interacted with computers.

Dubbed as the "computer for the rest of us," the Macintosh, with its graphical user interface and mouse, popularized computing paradigms that still live on today.

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Below, watch Steve Jobs introduce the Mac with the same type of boyish enthusiasm that he displayed when introducing the iPhone. With the song "chariots of fire" accompanying the demo video, along with some witty remarks from the Mac itself, the video is well worth watching and marks an integral milestone in Apple history.

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