What exactly can the NSA do?

An up-to-date list of the NSA's skullduggery and some observations about black hat innovation and evolution

There have been so many Snowden revelations you might have lost track of exactly what's been revealed. Check out this well-curated running list of what we now know the NSA can do so far from The Brian Lehrer Show to get up to date.

Via @avinash via Jim Sterne

Also, if you haven't seen this posting - NSA hacking tools will find their way to criminals eventually - check out, it's very interesting but misses the fact that the NSA has also capitalized on both skillz learned from hackers and from hackers themselves. The worlds of black hats and hackers essentially feed off each other and that entanglemet drives innovation and evolution in the "black arts" far faster than either would move alone. 

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