Web service to organize soccer games

Footinho makes getting your soccer team on the field a whole lot easier.

If you play soccer you might be interested in a new free social network, Footinho, which was recently launched for people who want to get together to play, as many people in Britain call it, "footie" (why are my countrymen are so fond of hypocorism?). 

So do soccer players need a social network? Yep, you bet they do because trying to coordinate eleven people for your side in a soccer game is about as much fun as pushing string. You wind up, if you're the unlucky organizer, wading through numerous emails and texts trying to figure out who is available where and when. 

If you use Footinho to organize your match you can have players contacted by text or email, find a field to play on, schedule private or public games, find players when your team is short, and follow your friends' games. 

This service is an great example of one of the things the Web is really good for: Finding value in niche functionality (what Footinho does) in what are mass markets (which is definitely what soccer is).

The founders are French which explains the occasionally eccentric grammar. Also, I have no idea what "Footinho" actually means (given that "f" and "h" are only one key apart I wonder if it was a typing error?). Grammar and naming aside, I think Footinho could do very well.

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