The future of online advertising and transferring really big files

Vooza's unique advertising model and WeTransfer's cool file transfer service

If you haven't discovered the genius-level advertising program called "Vooza" check out their latest video: Apple Fanboys.

Vooza's schtick is pretending to be a high tech startup and their videos skewer many of the leading tropes in the high tech industry including funding, transparency, mission statements, and corporate philosophy. 

Some of these videos are sponsored by advertisers and all videos are followed by advertiser messages dressed up in much the same style as the main videos. For example, the latest Vooza video is followed by a pitch for WeTransfer, a transfer service for large files.

WeTransfer supports secure transfers of files up to 2GB to up to 20 people with no registration for free. What's clever is that the service displays it's file sending interface as a small panel hovering over a full screen ad which is how they pay the bills or, at least, partly pay the bills. 

WeTransfer's user interface is the small panel on the left, the main image is an advertisement.

WeTransfer also offers their premium Plus service for $10 per month that gives you your own URL (, up to 100 recipients per transfer, 50GB of storage, password protected downloads, and automatic sharing of transfers on social media services.

WeTransfer is a good example of the kind of advertiser best suited to the Vooza platform; high tech firms targetting high tech users. As Vooza notes:

The key here is that Vooza spots aren't your typical video ads that interrupt a show to pimp an unrelated product. Our ads feel like part of the show, use our cast and crew, and show up in-flow with our regular episodes. And the products advertised are perfectly suited for our audience.

Vooza is one of the very few advertising vehicles I go out of my way to watch and being precisely targeted they are, I am told, very effective. If this is what the future of Internet advertising looks like, I really won't mind ads at all. 

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