When it comes to mybizcard.co LinkedIn has no backbone [Updated]

mybizcard.co is an abusive service but LinkedIn doesn't appear to care

I’ve asked around but no one seems to know why there’s been an outbreak of “rating requests” on LinkedIn.

These requests mostly come from people I’ve never met and are always titled “So-and-So has shared a document” while the body reads:

So-and So has shared their online business card with you. Please click to accept and leave them a comment:




When you click on the first link you get a page on mybizcard.co that reads:

Thank you for responding to my rating request. 

Please rate my professional skills below. Your rating will be shown on my virtual business card.

This is ridiculous. If I, out of the blue, asked you to rate me would you? Of course not.

I’ve replied to many of the people who have sent me these stupid requests and only one has ever responded (to his credit, he was very apologetic and explained he’d got a request from a friend and, without thinking, reciprocated only to find that, in turn, he’d spammed all of his connections).

Next to the rating request is what appears to be the sender’s previous work experience filched directly from LinkedIn. It appears that the only way to stop mybizcard sending you messages is to login in to the service using LinkedIn which I refuse to do because then they’ll get my details and, I suspect, send out a wave of idiotic ratings requests on my behalf to all of my contacts - something I’m definitely not going to be doing.

So, before you let mybizcard.co work its “magic” think twice … and don’t do it. As for LinkedIn, if they had any backbone they’d block a service that is inherently abusive. As this has been going on for at least a year I think we can assume that backbones are not in the picture.

[Updated 02/28/14] LinkedIn provided a comment on how MyBizCard.co and other developers of abusive apps have been put on notice.

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