LinkedIn gets backbone, will kick out abusive 3rd party apps (such as

3rd party developers violating LinkedIn's ToS will have their app access blocked.

Following my post about concerning the abusive nature of the service and LinkedIn’s apparent failure to stop them I received a statement from a corporate spokesperson:

… was notified on February 11, 2014, that as part of routine efforts to ensure the best experience for LinkedIn members, we are disabling the access to the LinkedIn APIs for a handful of third-party app developers, including We believe they are in violation of our LinkedIn Developer Terms of Service and/or are doing things that we believe result in a sub-optimal experience for our members. 

Our letter to noted that unless removes this feature from their site, that we will disable their access to the LinkedIn APIs in 30 days. 

The company wouldn't reveal the names of the other companies under notice.

Well done, LinkedIn! All the same, I’m surprised that it’s taken the company over a year to address this issue but then again, better late than never …

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