Liquid gold? AirPnP looks to cash in on Mardi Gras revelers' need to relieve themselves

Bathroom access app latest example of sharing economy

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AirBnB is the popular home-sharing service that enables people to rent out their living spaces to travelers looking for cheaper or more interesting accomodations than the typical motel or hotel provide.

Not to be confused, the new AirPnP is a service for travelers who don't want to stay so long -- just long enough to pay a visit to the bathroom. Their motto: "We take care of lavatory logistics so you don't have to."

The mobile-optimized Web service, which will also be available as native apps in time, is launching to coincide with Mardi Gras, an event at which finding a legal place to relieve yourself can be pretty dicey given the huge crowds. The service can be used to plot bathrooms for rent or free on a Google map, or to find such safe havens while out on the town. Users can rate their bathroom experiences. Those renting out bathrooms set a price and payment is made via the website, which takes a cut of the action.

This sharing economy-themed business is "bootstrapped with love in New Orleans," and is the brainchild of Sidework CEO/CTO Max Gaudin and CODMKRS Travis Laurendine.

Publications have been having a grand time concocting headlines for the company's launch (though we suspect AirBnB might not be so psyched):

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