Pressure on President Obama to ditch BlackBerry: He's got a high school graduation speech coming up

President to deliver commencement address at high performing Worcester Technical High School

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President Barack Obama, famously a BlackBerry holdout whether he likes it or not, might well be feeling even more pressure to switch to a different smartphone these days. After all, he's going to be delivering the graduation speech on June 11 to a bunch of technically-savvy students at Worcester Technical High School. What are those kids going to think if they see the Prez wielding a BlackBerry?

Worcester Tech has been honored as the only high school Obama will deliver an address at this coming graduation season because it represents the sort of focus on technical and career-oriented education that the President has been emphasizing. Worcester Tech has undergone a transformation in recent years from the lowest performing school in the city, and one of the worst vocational schools in the state, to a 2013 U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School.

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While BlackBerry is attempting to undergo such a drastic transformation itself, to restore its reputation as a must-have enterprise technology supplier, it clearly isn't there yet. Nevertheless, BlackBerry has held onto certain government clients until now given the strong technical underpinnings of its phones and messaging.

Still, change could be in the offing (not that the President would really move from a BlackBerry by June). The Wall Street Journal reports this week that the White House Communications Agency is testing Android devices from Samsung and LG.  

The Journal reports that the President does already use an iPad for reading. So maybe the new grads will take it easy on the President after all.

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