What will the Web look like in 2039? (Google Hangout)

Predictions about the InterWebCloudNetwork we’ve all grown to love and hate

With the recent marking of the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web (although as my guest points out, the Internet has been around much longer), I had a chance to do a video chat via Google+ Hangout with Nathaniel Borenstein of Mimecast about the past and future of the Web.

While we may not get flying cars in 25 years, we may have self-driving robot cars all talking to each other via the Internet, or we may just be sitting around on a couch doing all of our communicating via virtual-reality headsets. Check out the video chat for more fun predictions and discussions about the shape of the future InterWebCloudNetwork (I’m going to trademark that name):

What do you think the Web will look like in 2039? Let me know in the comments.

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