Preventing the scourge of double-digit tunnel syndrome

Or what the boss wants the boss gets

Having endured a variety of carpal tunnel-like maladies over the years, I try not to make light of the typing-induced discomforts complained about by others. I try, yet sometimes I fail.


Writes an IT professional/regular Buzzblog reader who shall remain anonymous for a reason that will become obvious:

Hi Paul,

I know you will get a chuckle out of this.  Several months ago a user requested an ergonomic keyboard.  I had a Microsoft Comfort Curve on the shelf so I gave it to him.  He brought me his straight keyboard the next day or so. 

I have visited his office often but generally we are discussing something and he's not typing.  I observed him type the other day.  Two fingers! Not four, just two, a right and left index finger.  Why?!?  Oh, and he's my boss.

Why? Because when the boss says he needs an ergonomic keyboard, the boss needs an ergonomic keyboard.

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