Useful Gadget: A keyboard for where you can't swing a cat or a mouse

There are many spaces and places where a full size keyboard just won’t work. On top of that in many of the same locations there’s not room to swing cat let alone a mouse. If you have such daunting challenges in your life consider getting a Rapoo E2700 Wireless Multimedia Touchpad Keyboard.

 Rapoo E2700 Wireless Multimedia Touchpad Keyboard

Just 3.25” deep by 10” wide and tapering from 0.75” to 0.13” thick the E2700 has 80 keys which include 13 multimedia hotkeys and a touchpad. The keyboard connects via a 2.4GHz radio link with a range of about 33 feet and comes with a Bluetooth dongle for the host. The key “feel” is a excellent for such a small keyboard.

Powered by two AAA batteries the E2700 has a power saving feature that turns it off after several minutes of no use (I found it convenient to switch the keyboard back on by pressing the left hand Ctrl key).

A nice piece of engineering and very convenient for those tight spaces or for travel. Priced at $49.99 the Rapoo E2700 Wireless Multimedia Touchpad Keyboard gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5. 

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