TV news networks ignore ‘death of net neutrality’

Last week's proposal by the FCC to allow ISPs to sell accelerated services may have touched off a firestorm on the Internet, but it created nary a spark on the nightly news programs of the three major television networks.

From a Media Matters blog post:

On April 23, the FCC announced plans to propose new rules to allow companies to pay internet providers to speed up customers' access to their websites. As the Washington Post reported, the proposal "could give high-speed Internet providers more power on what content moves the fastest on the Web based on which firms pay the most." It's an open Internet rule that could wipe away net neutrality, the principle that corporate internet providers should provide equal access to content for subscribers.

Since the FCC announced the proposal, none of the broadcast nightly news shows - neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC - have acknowledged the move. This is not the first time evening broadcast shows neglected to give airtime to this topic; on January 14 when the D.C. Court of Appeals invalidated the FCC's requirement for net neutrality that lead to the new rule proposal, these same networks did not even acknowledge the ruling in their evening broadcasts.

While this news should be reported on these still highly watched broadcasts, I don't necessarily embrace the suggestion by Media Matters that it was corporate influence preventing that from happening.

It's a disappointing, but not surprising, omission. NBC is owned by Comcast Corporation, which bills itself as the nation's largest high-speed Internet provider. CBS' parent company is CBS Corporation, which also owns multiple sports networks and Showtime, while ABC is part of The Walt Disney Company empire, also the owner of ESPN. ... Giant corporations like Comcast win under the FCC's proposal.

Maybe.  Or it's just another case of TV news deciding that its audience doesn't care.

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