What percentage of Domino’s pizza is ordered online?

It’s not as high in the U.S. as Great Britain

Pop quiz: In the U.S., what percentage of Domino's pizza  is ordered online? (100% of it sucks, but that's not relevant here.)

The answer - which I'll provide under the cover of a pile of pizza boxes -- was delivered to me recently in a Domino's press release. I found the number astonishing, but have since learned that perhaps I should not have.


"Digital ordering now accounts for approximately 40 percent of Domino's sales in the U.S.," according to Domino's.

That's much higher than I would have guessed.

Today, though, I stumbled across a Bloomberg story that shows that when it comes to ordering pizza online, Americans are dabblers compared to their British counterparts.

Domino's Pizza Group -- which operates and franchises the brand's pizza chain in the U.K. and Ireland, as well as a few dozen stores in Germany and Switzerland -- saw online orders rise to 69.4 percent of delivered sales in the U.K. during the first quarter.  ...

"There are a few factors at play here," Domino's spokesman Tim McIntyre wrote in an e-mail. Customers in Asia and Europe have adapted faster to digital platforms in general than Americans, he says, and the company's overall consumer base and store footprint in Europe is smaller. So while the rate of online orders may be larger, it's coming from a smaller number of orders.

Or maybe ordering pizza by phone really isn't all that hard. 

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