Blue Jeans Network Upgrades its Video Collaboration Service

Company’s Survey on Video Collaboration Reveals Shifting Expectations

Blue Jeans Network, a global provider for video collaboration, announced it has expanded its service with the ability to host larger meetings with up to 100 fully interactive participants; it previously supported up to 25 participants. The company has also added “record-and-share” features, along with several audio-enhancements and moderator controls to assist with the larger meetings.

Blue Jeans Network also released survey results about shifting expectations in the video collaboration marketplace.  According to the survey, most professionals prefer all of their online or remote meetings to include face-to-face video of meeting participants. The study also found that 85% of business decision makers want one unified service for all remote and online meetings rather than separate tools for video conferencing, web conferencing and audio conferencing.

Most professionals (76%) agreed that attendees are less likely to pay attention during a presentation-centric Web conferencing meeting than on a video-centric all-in-one meeting.  When it comes to “true confessions” about Web conferencing, 10% admitted they have checked online dating sites while 30% admit to preparing or eating food, and 28% have gone to the bathroom!

Nearly all (98%) of professionals would record select meetings if given the choice. Some 27% would prefer to record every meeting -- in large part to resolve miscommunications as 88% report disagreeing with a colleague on what actually happened during a meeting.

 Commenting on the survey data and his company’s latest features, Stu Aaron, CCO of Blue Jeans Network said, “There is a fundamental shift happening in the marketplace with increasing demand for a single tool to manage all kinds of business collaboration cohesively.” He added, “The legacy presentation-centric web conferencing tools just aren’t cutting it any more as people are developing a preference for face-to-face, video-centric collaboration.  That’s been our strength all along.  And now, with our new recording and large meetings capabilities, we’ve made the all-in-one experience even better for our customers.” 

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