CiscoLive 2014: Best Cisco Live Ever!

CiscoLive 2014: "Summer Camp for IT Geeks" was the best "summer camp" week I've ever spent in my life!  

It seems like every year CiscoLive just keeps getting better and better. I experience something new and different each and every time. This year was the social side. I admit I was nervous. Okay, very nervous.  Which is funny, because I can teach in front of a room of hundreds of people and not have one butterfly about it.  But I was afraid of the SocialMedia side. Was it going to be like "typical" summer camp when we were all younger with the "in"/"cool" kids and then all the "outsiders"? Not at all!  Everyone is a cool kid!  Just a bunch of geeky IT folks off at CiscoLive Summer Camp together having the time of their life!

Truth be told, had it not been for Amy Lewis (Twitter: @commsninja) and the Cisco Champion program, I wouldn't even have thought to try the social side of CiscoLive. Even when the idea did cross my mind, I was nervous and probably would have gone to the social media lounge and done the "check list" swingby -- "check, done, not much to see here" and moved on.  Enter Cisco Champion Amy Renee Arnold ( She was really my Welcome Wagon" to the Social Side of CiscoLive even before I arrived.  

CiscoLive Summer Camp 2014

CiscoLive Summer Camp 2014 So Incredibly Rocked!

  • Great sessions
  • Great speakers
  • Tiaras and mardis gras masks
  • Wonderful, incredible, and awesome fellow "campers" the "social side" of CiscoLive has brought into my life. Thank you all for being so welcoming! Big hugs!

Next? Join the fun next year! Go right now into whatever calendaring/reminder tool you use. Set a daily reminder today for every day of CiscoLive 2015 SanDiego (June 7th-June 12th). Have it remind you every day to go to the Social Media lounge.  

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