It’s official: Wearing a Bluetooth headset makes you ugly

Survey discovers which gadgets you should use or ditch when looking for love

Hey baby, like my Bluetooth?

If you’ve ever seen men or women wearing Bluetooth headsets in public and thought, “Wow, that’s unattractive” – it turns out, you’re right! A new survey by Retrevo showed that about one-third of people are less interested in, or more likely to find a person unattractive for using/wearing a Bluetooth headset in public.

The results were part of an overall survey about whether using gadgets will make a person more or less attractive, timed just right with Valentine’s Day coming up (and all of those people considering tech gifts and gadgets).

When people first started wearing Bluetooth headsets, they often looked Borg-like, and despite attempts by headset makers to make them more stylish, they still come off as unattractive to many people. In the Retrevo survey, 31% of men said it was unattractive for a woman to wear a headset; and 33% of women found this unattractive on a man.

Retrevo graphic - unattractive gadgets

Other devices didn’t fare well on the ugly scale as well – 32% of men were turned off by someone wearing a phone holster (surprisingly, only 25% of women said that was unattractive). Other things that turned off people – someone reading a newspaper (11% of men, 8% of women), and someone having a tattoo or piercing (29% of men found this unattractive, and 30% of women were turned off). So, in essence, your chances are slightly better with a tattoo or piercing than with a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset.

Gadgets that fared better – 50% of men said someone using a cool phone was attractive (vs. 36% of women); 46% of men also said someone using a cool notebook was a turn-on (vs. 38% of women). The iPad fared worse than someone reading a book – 42% of men said someone reading a book was attractive, vs. only 36% of men attracted to someone using an iPad.

And the old trick of using a dog to try and attract women still works – More women under age 35 said they are more attracted to someone walking a dog than someone using a cool phone.

The full study by Retrevo is here if you want to see even more fun stats.

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