Happy Pi Day: Many more than 3.14... pictures of cool pi creations

Celebrating Pi Day with everything from Pumpkin Pi to neck ink to a Google Doodle

March 14 is Pi Day (3.14, get it?), and to celebrate the magical and mesmerizing mathematical constant, I've collected a dozen very special pi tributes from around the Web (here's a brief history of pi, to boot).

What would a celebration like this be without a few treats?

Here's Paul Adam Smith's fabulous pumpkin pie (pi) via Flickr:

Pumpkin Pi

Another take on Pumpkin pi are these Halloween spectaculars from Cayusa and Stephenjjohnson on Flickr:

Pumpkin Pi
Pumpkin Pi

A scholarly tribute to pi at the Berlin Institute of Technology, in mosaic form at the entrance to its math building:


A geeky tribute in ascii form from Jorel314:

ascii pi

A grittier view of pi, from Street Museo:

The skinny on pi, from Monkeybum:

And did you know pi has a softer side, as seen in this embroidered version from Marieke Kuijjer:

pi embroidery

And another embroidery take on pi from Pillowhead Designs:


Here's an artsy take on pi in Seattle near the Seattle Art Museum from Ed Ng:

Pi is chillin' with these pi-ce cubes, as seen in our recent Slideshow of 12 Geekiest Snow and Ice Sculptures:


License to pi, from Kris Beltran:

Pi in the sky, from Edward Webb:

Google paid homage to pi on Pi Day 2010 with this original formula-filled Google Doodle:

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