FuseSource Continues Strategy Of Support For Apache Projects

Camel IDE is latest product from company to support Apache projects

Back in October I wrote about a new spin off from Progress Software called FuseSource. They are trying to do with Apache Projects what Red Hat has been able to do with Linux.  I like the company because they are very clear on what their mission is. They don't consider themselves "open core" or anything like that. They package the open source Apache projects with a commercial installer and bundle support and services.  The software they bundle in addition to the Apache open source is their own and is generally not open sourced.  Today they announced the latest addition to the FuseSource lineup with the Camel IDE. 

Camel for those of you not familiar, "is a powerful open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns with powerful Bean IntegrationCamel lets you create the Enterprise Integration Patterns to implement routing and mediation rules in either a Java based Domain Specific Language (or Fluent API), via Spring based Xml Configuration files or via the Scala DSL. This means you get smart completion of routing rules in your IDE whether in your Java, Scala or XML editor."

Apache Camel can be used as a routing and mediation engine for the following projects:

  • Apache ServiceMix which is the most popular and powerful distributed open source ESB and JBI container
  • Apache ActiveMQ which is the most popular and powerful open source message broker
  • Apache CXF which is a smart web services suite (JAX-WS)
  • Apache MINA a networking framework

I had a chance to chat with Rob Davies, CTO and Debbi Moynihan, VP of marketing of FuseSource last week about the company.  The real strength of the company according to Monyihan and Davies is that the company is really made up fo open source experts.  There are over 20 people at FuseSource who have contributed code to the various Apache projects. This inhouse expertise gives FuseSource a real finger in the middle of the open source and specifically, the Apache pie.

Make no mistake about it either, there are lots of Apache projects that the FuseSource team has an interest in. More than enough to keep them releasing new products for the next couple of years anyway.

Additionally, the market seems to see the value in the FuseSource releases. Their customer list keeps growing and the company overall is still growing.  Spun off from Progress Software, FuseSource is its own company now and according to Moynihan is supporting itself as well.  

Happy to see an open source modeled company continue to grow. Will have to keep an eye towards what Apache project is next for FuseSource.

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