iPad lacks Adobe Flash, but Brightcove can serve HTML5 video to the tablet

Brightcove's goal: raise HTML5 to the level of Flash

[HT to @Cisco_Mobile]

You can't get Adobe Flash-based video and interactive content on platforms like the upcoming Apple iPad and the current iPhone. But, as a TechCrunch story points out, the Web is adapting, via HTLM5-based video.

Brightcove offers a Web-based application for publishing online video content. It incorporates support for HTML5 video. So, when Brightcove detects an iPad, which won't support Flash, it will stream the content in an HTML5 video player, though initially this will be a pretty basic player.

TechCrunch talked with Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire, who says he's agnostic about the Flash-HTML5 war, in which Apple CEO Steve Jobs said recently that Flash was "buggy" and a CPU "hog."

HTML5 is an open standard, being more and more widely adopted, and Apple has embraced it as a key feature of its mobile devices. But Flash today offers a vast array of features that are missing from HTML5: audience measurement, advertizing support, customized players, etc. Brightcove's goal is to bring HTML5 to parity with the Flash by incorporating these same features, for videos playing inside a Web brwoser, according to Allaire.

YouTube added HTML5 video support recently. And Microsoft just highlighted the HTML5 features that will be part of the Internet Explorer 9.

Beyond video, HTML5 could play a key roll in Web application development, by making Web applications behave more like native programs,

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