New report raises alarm about threats to power grid

Officials say they’re doing more but what they’re doing isn’t clear


Vulnerability of the power grid to cyber attack has gotten increasingly scary press attention in recent years, but this new report is directly from the major players responsible for averting the worst ... and it isn't exactly comforting.

From my colleague Ellen Messmer's story:

"The specific concern with respect to these threats is the targeting of multiple key nodes in the system, if damaged, destroyed or interrupted in a coordinated fashion, could bring the system outside the protection provided by traditional planning and operating criteria," states the report

The contents of the 118-page report are largely the result of closed-door discussions held since November by NERC (which plays a key role in setting security standards for the U.S. power grid), power providers and U.S. government officials.

The document is apparently short on specifics regarding remedies. One would hope that's because such information should remain secret.

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