REVEALED! Windows Phone 7 phones coming....this Fall!

Leaked AT&T store signage, which no one understands, sparks rumor spate

Someone sent what looks like an internal AT&T document. It seems to be a kind of template to guide AT&T retail store staff in setting up displays for their smartphone offerings.

Here's the link to the document.  It shows rectangular blocks, each labeled with a smartphone OS. At bottom right there is one labeled Windows Phone 7. At the very bottom you can make out "Questions concerning your display? Call Impact Display Customer Service...."

Engadget says they were told the document is part of a "July 24th store overhaul." Which is enough for the blogosphere to wonder whether Windows Phone 7 handsets will arrive "early," such as this headline from "AT&T getting Windows Phone 7 devices as early as July?"

Breathless as that rumor may be, breath-holding is not advised.

Microsoft continues to say the handsets will arrive "for the holidays" but hasn't been more specific. And Engadget itself cautions: "we're told that cards like this have hit in July for September launches in the past."

Engadget adds, oddly, that the September time frame is "in line with" a possible October target by Australian wireless carrier Telestra: what appears to be an internal document intended as some kind of display or marketing collateral shows a "WP7" smartphone called the HTC Mozart, which Engadget says will go on sale in October 2010 (the phone photo is actually a mockup of the HTC Desire, according to Engadget).

So, this morning's rumornews is: Windows Phone 7 handsets are due...sometime this Fall! And AT&T and Telestra are getting ready for them! The handsets may be early! Or they may not!

But they'll be here, for sure, for the holidays.

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