Acadia, Cisco, EMC, VMware: Vblock Top Three Questions

Questions needing answers, directed at Acadia

The flurry of incoming inquires on Vblock hasn't let up yet. The top two questions I consistantly get are:

  1. The Vblocks look like they are sized based on the number of virtual machines. Is that per Vblock? These things are modular....right? What if I stack up 2 Vblocks? 3? 10? How many virtual machines can I run?
  2. When Cisco, EMC, and VMware sized the Vblocks, what workload did they choose? We assume a "mixed workload", but every company is different and it will impact consolidation ratios. How about a VDI only or a SQL consolidation workload?
  3. How do I justify the price premium? Since Vblocks are new and they have not run in a data center yet, how do I measure the operational impact and how can I communicate that to an executive level.

Besides that, I keep getting a bunch of people naturally reacting that Cisco, EMC, and VMware are crazy and it will never work. I always find it entertaining to see how top tier companies, sports teams, and even consumer products always seem to have a giant red target painted on their back. You work so hard to get to the top and then realize how lonely it is--and everyone is throwing stones at you.

Acadia, Cisco, EMC, and VMware: we are ready for the answers to the above questions.

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