Microsoft's Internet Explorer Mobile 6: a browser to love?

We have a story online on Internet Explorer Mobile 6, due out in 2009: it's Microsoft's first full Web browser for Windows Mobile devices. Shown: MSN's Live Search home page displayed on IE Mobile 6. Follow the pages to get a peek at what Redmond is promising. Screenshot: Microsoft Corp.

It's a wrap, text-wise IE Mobile 6 is a new product, but it's based on an "old" HTML rendering engine - the one found in desktop IE 6, introduced in 2001. But that means big improvements over the current Windows Mobile browser. One of them: text wraps in portrait mode and landscape mode. Screenshot: Microsoft Corp. Fingerless browsing Microsoft will make it easier to surf and transact on the Web. Enter part of a domain name and the browser lets you select the rest, and a history of sites spelled the same way. The browser will also integrate search capabilities into the address field. Screenshot: Microsoft Corp.

Switch-surfing, part 1 IE Mobile 6 lets you switch between a full HTML page view, and a page view optimized for mobile content. Here, MSN, at maximum zoom-out, in all its glory or gory detail. Screenshot: Microsoft Corp. Switch-surfing, part 2 Here is MSN rendered in a form optimized for a Windows Mobile handset with IE. Screenshot: Microsoft Corp.

Flash-y Microsoft partnered with Adobe to bring Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 to the new browser. So you can view Youtube and all the other Flash content you crave. And sneer at iPhone users.... Screenshot: Microsoft Corp. Action! The browser includes the Jscript engine from the beta version of desktop IE 8. That means, Microsoft says, a highly interactive mobile browser that lets you transact business, or change your Facebook status (shown), on the mobile Web. The company claims internal tests show IE Mobile 6 completing many more of these than its rivals. Screenshot: Microsoft Corp. Is IE Mobile 6 a browser you can love? Take our poll.

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