March Madness coming to an iPhone near you

Another reason to love my iPhone: CBS is offering an app (for iPod Touch too) that will let you watch all the March Madness college basketball tournament broadcasts live on the device. The catch: You have to be on a Wi-Fi connection. And the App costs a whopping $4.99. I get the need for limiting the service to Wi-Fi - imaging the 3G network saturation on the opening days of the event as everyone tunes into watch. (Though the 3G alternative would provide a nice workaround for those pesky corporate networks that block fun things like non-work-related streaming media.) However, the $4.99 price is a little steep, unless the app will work again next year for all future events. I admit I am not that big a college basketball fan so shelling out $5 to watch a couple of games on a small screen doesn't seem that reasonable. Hopefully, this is a one-time fee that will let you watch games for years to come. Then the $4.99 is worth it.

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