Move over Tux the penguin: "Tuz" the tasmanian devil will handle this Linux kernel release


Tux the penguin is taking a well-deserved break and is handing over Linux mascot duties temporarily to Tuz, a tasmanian devil sort of disguised as a penguin. Jonathan Corbet reports on the change in his Linux Foundation blog.

Tuz shows up in kernel release 2.6.29 as a way to help raise awareness for the plight of real tasmanian devils, which have started dying off from a facial tumor disease.

We're sure Tux will be back, but it should be noted that his star really has faded some. A survey last year actually found that the Mozilla Firefox was mascot No. 1, followed by Beastie, the BSD Demon, with Tux ranking third.

For the story on the penguin, read: Enough about Linux, what's the story with the Penguin?

For his part, Linux Torvalds also blogs about Tuz.

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