Controlling robots via brain-power

Brain power to the rescue!

The evidence keeps mounting that someday the robots will control the world. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid at the end of March. From the IDG News Service comes today's robot video, in which Honda's research wing and Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International are showing off a brain machine interface system that lets a person control a robot through thought alone (BUM-BUM-BUM-BUMMMMM) (emphasis added). The groups have been working on the brain machine technology for about four years now, but the new system can measure the electrical activity in a person's brain using an EEG and blood flow measurements (using near-infrared spectroscopy) to create data that is then interpreted into control information. Honda says the system has a 90 percent success rate – it also sees a day when robots will work alongside humans to help with tasks. Let's just hope the robots don't start taking over too much. Enjoy the video.

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