Google offers new high end enterprise search appliance

Google has unleashed a new high-end model of its enterprise Google Search Appliance (GSA) and upgraded its software. These revisions should allow the device to scale more easily.

The GSA software is now Version 6.0 and has the capacity to index potentially billions of documents. The new appliance, the GB-9009, can index up to 30 million documents. The appliance is built on Dell's PowerEdge R710 platform, running Intel's Xeon 5500 Series processors. It is unlike the other models, which are single-box appliances. This one has two units: one for processing and one for storage.

In addition, Google is phasing out the entry-level GB-1001. This device topped out at 3 million documents although it could be stacked with five or eight units, providing capacity for up to 30 million documents that way. The existing GB-7007 is capable of being upgraded the GSA 6.0. Previously, it maxed out at 10 million documents, but with the GSA, it too can be stacked to increase capacity. Google's GB-8008 cannot be upgraded to GSA 6.0. Google recommends migrating it to the high-end GB-9009.

Google is being close lipped on exactly how much the new GB-9009 device costs. It will require licensing as a service on a contract covering either two or three years. The price will be based on the number of documents searched, starting with a license count of 500,000 documents, Google says.

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