How to change the VTP mode from transparent to client in a Cisco Catalyst switch without any network disruption

How to change the VTP mode from transparent to client without any network disruption in the following Cisco Catalyst switches: 2900XL - 2940 - 2950 - 2960 - 2970 - 3500XL - 3550 - 3560 - 3750 3750 Metro - 4000 - 4500 - 6000 - 6500 Its always recommended to make VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) mode changes during the maintenance window. To avoid any service disruption during production, observe the following guidelines before you change the VTP mode of a switch from transparent to client:

All switches have the same VTP domain
All switches in a VTP domain must run the same VTP version
All switches in a VTP domain have the same VTP password (if there is any)
The VTP server switch must have the highest configuration revision
VLANs already configured on the VTP transparent switch should exist on the server switch

After the mode change, the VTP client switch updates its VLAN database from the VTP server that exists and does not affect the voice or data traffic. Use the vtp mode {client | server | transparent} command in order to change the VTP mode. For more information refer to: VTP Configuration Guidelines http://www.BradReese.Com

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