New iPod Touch Holds Secret 802.11n Wi-Fi, Camera Slot

A recent tear down of the new third generation iPod Touch reveals that the device is sporting an 802.11n Broadcom chip along with enough space to house the much rumoured camera.

The disassembly was conducted by the handy guys over at iFixit, and the results offer some hope for those who may have been disappointed with Apple's showing at their recent press event.

Dismantled, the device revealed a 6 x 6 x 3 millimetre space capable of housing a camera similar in size to that now found in the new Nano's. Despite the space being there, and Steve Jobs saying otherwise, many are now speculating that the lack of a camera is due to the rumoured manufacturing problems.

On a more exciting note, the iFixit tear down also revealed that the third generation iPod Touch is rocking an all new BCM4329FKUBG wireless chip PDF, which manufacturer Broadcom states can support FM transition in addition to the now official 802.11n wireless standard, something even the iPhone 3GS can't handle.

Be sure to check out the full disassembly for more geeky facts on the new cheaper iPod Touch, and speculate in the comments as to what these hidden additions could mean.

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