Oracle tackles identity mgmt.

* Announces 'installerless' version of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Anywhere

I didn't go to Oracle Open World last week even though it happened just 45 miles from my office. While Oracle is very important in the IdM space, IdM isn't quite as important in the Oracle client-space -- there are a lot more people interested in the database, the financial applications, the ERP and so on. Still, there were announcements that are important to us so I would be remiss in overlooking them.

First, though, a tip of the wine glass to PR pro Letty Ledbetter who keeps me in the know about all things IdM from Oracle. She's indefatigable!

The major news (since the Sun acquisition is still being held up by European regulators) is a new "installerless" version of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) Anywhere. It is, in effect, an ESSO that can be self-serviced via a Web browser. As Amit Jasuja (vice president, Oracle Identity Management) put it: "With the release of Oracle ESSO Anywhere, Oracle is the first major Identity Management vendor to offer a private instance, installerless model for ESSO delivered virtually anytime, anywhere. Now, users can just sign on to a Web portal page and download and activate the Oracle ESSO Anywhere client that is preloaded with authorized credentials for all user entitled resources. This not only simplifies secure access but can also result in lower maintenance costs for enterprises leading to better enterprise security and business agility." Yes, the user downloads it already configured with his/her credentials. That's a huge saving in time and money!

The other major announcement was from Lieberman Software, which unveiled a privileged identity management solution for the Oracle Ecosystem. It has integrated its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) with both Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Internet Directory. According to Lieberman, ERPM provides internal safeguards by automatically discovering, strengthening and granting secure access to all privileged account passwords in the Oracle ecosystem. It provides the option to use Oracle Database 11g Release 2 as the ERPM database and manages all of the privileged accounts within Oracle databases. ERPM also controls and secures the privileged credentials present in Oracle middleware and applications that use services and agents with embedded passwords. Without ERPM, these accounts may remain in an unmanaged state, potentially allowing security breaches and violations of regulatory requirements. Worth checking out if Oracle products are in your mix.

There's a couple of other conferences coming up in a few weeks, even closer to my office. First is the Cloud Computing Expo  Nov. 2 – 4 at the Santa Clara, Calif., convention center. This overlaps with the next edition of the Internet Identity Workshop, which is Nov. 3 – 5 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif.. The two venues are barely 10 minutes apart (by car) so you may see me at either -- or both. If you don't, then check the newsletter in the following weeks and I'll bring you the highlights.

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