Zenprise extends mobile monitoring to Windows Mobile clients

Already supports BlackBerries, iPhones

Zenprise has extended its automated mobile management software to cover Windows Mobile, along with BlackBerry and iPhone devices.

Zenprise announced this week that its mobile end user management software now will embrace Windows Mobile devices.

The company’s MobileManager application can now troubleshoot enterprise BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices linking with Microsoft Exchange Server. The software’s algorithms automatically monitor the health of messaging, contacts and calendar information and functions, alerts administrators to developing problems, and can recommend specific step-by-step instruction as remedies. 

The goal is to sift through a mass of data automatically to identify the specific causes of e-mail-related performance problems and malfunctions, whether rooted in enterprise servers such as Exchange or BlackBerry Enterprise Server, handheld devices or cellular carrier networks.

With the updated application, network administrators can identify specifically any of some 300 different Windows mobile devices that might be deployed, review the relevant security policies and features for them, and confirm the policies have been activated for users.

The new release adds code to handle the specific features of the Exchange-Windows Mobile interaction, such as the way Microsoft ActiveSynch behaves as an intermediary between the two, says Ahmed Datoo, vice president of marketing for Zenprise, Fremont, Calif.

Also new is the ability to collect and report on current inventory data about the Windows Mobile devices deployed in the enterprise.

Zenprise originally developed software for managing enterprise Exchange Servers. Then, to cover the end-to-end e-mail process, it developed code to support BlackBerry devices, which are widely deployed for mobile e-mail in the enterprise. Last year, Zenprise added support for the iPhone.

Zenprise positions MobileManager as a way for large mobile e-mail deployments to reduce end user support burdens and costs. The company says customers on average see a 20%-50% drop in support costs, and a 55% drop in the number of support calls by end users.

The vendor was named one of our 2007 “Nine wireless companies to watch.” 

MobileManager with Windows Mobile support is available now. For 1,000 users, the starting price is $35 per user, regardless of the client operating system.

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