IPTV comes to the enterprise

* Why IPTV will come to the fore in 2009

As 2009 looks set to be a year when innovative solutions to both new and traditional business issues will be a key to surviving and maybe thriving, IPTV could turn out to be a part of that solution.

Let’s face it. Travel is expensive, whether it’s via our troubled airlines or in a car manufactured by our troubled automotive industry. So, while it’s nice to offer them support where practical, it’s imperative that we consider whether the same end can be achieved by a different means.

Of course, we’ve had parts of the solution for a while. Personal videoconferencing is here and works well. We’re starting to wonder how we ever survived without collaborative tools like GoToMeeting.Com. And we have been writing and will continue to write about high-definition telepresence. Now IPTV gets added to that mix.

As noted in a recent paper by AT&T, “The Enterprise IPTV Solution enables organizations to produce and broadcast live and on demand video to internal (employees) and external (partners, customers, investors, analysts) audiences over IP based networks. Broadcasts are delivered to auditoriums, conference rooms or desktops, and viewed with media players on desktop computers, or from dedicated Set Top Boxes and multimedia appliances. In essence, it enables organizations to reach dispersed audiences with the same powerful broadcast capabilities that were previously only accessible to the largest media companies.”

This rather technical paper goes on to explore a number of architectural issues and how one would address numerous issues such as, quoting again, “support for live and on demand media; full application proxy caching for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP; RTSP protocol proxy and server functionality; application-layer multicasting for live video optimization; and performance improvements to web-based enterprise applications.”

The bottom line is that both for live video events and for streaming cached high quality video, the evolution of IPTV can indeed be ready to help change your business processes.

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