Siemens offers contact-center software for its unified communications server

OpenScape Contact Center follows company's modular-software road map

Siemens is introducing a version of its contact-center software that plugs into the company’s Unified Communications Server.

Siemens is introducing a version of its contact-center software that plugs into the company's unified communication server, making it possible for users to to set up a contact center as an add-on to other communications applications. (Compare unified communications products.)

OpenScape Contact Center is the fourth application available to draw on the features of Siemens' OpenScape Unified Communications Server. The other applications are Voice, Unified Communications and Video.

OpenScape Unified Communications Server was announced earlier this year as a foundation for Siemens' modular software architecture that supports plugging a range of applications into the platform that share features.

OpenScape Contact Center's call-center features rely on OpenScape Voice as well, which provides the basic phone communications needed for a call center. The two applications are tied together using OpenScape Unified Communications Server.

The goal of the open software model is for sharing any element of an application with other applications.

Siemens is selling the software in packages designed for specific use-cases. For example, a package for a customer-service and inside-sales deployment consists of OpenScape Unified Communications Server, 100 OpenScape Unified Communications Personal Edition clients and 60 OpenScape Contact Center agents, and costs $117,500.

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