Products of the week 9.17.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Wave Endpoint Monitor (WEM)

Product name • Wave Endpoint Monitor (WEM)

Key features • Wave Endpoint Monitor (WEM) detects malware in the BIOS before the operating system loads, leveraging capabilities of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip on the motherboard of business PCs. More info.

SingleKey v5.0

Product name: SingleKey v5.0

Further pricing: High-end data center offering: Fiber Optic SingleKey Layer 7 Application Firewall 650 List price: $125,000

Key features: Bayshore’s SingleKey proactively detects and blocks application behavior in violation of security rules, protocols and known attack signatures, constructing rich multi-dimensional baseline patterns and blocking anomalous behavior in real time. More info.

Uplogix 5000 Local Manager

Product name: Uplogix 5000 Local Manager

Main features: Uplogix Local Managers operate both in- and out-of-band, connecting directly to networking and other devices to provide the automated configuration, performance and security management functions that are best performed locally.

Product name:

Key features: is the first 100% cloud-based data loader app for, built entirely on the CloudHub integration platform as a service (iPaaS). More info.

Applications Manager 10.8

Product name: Applications Manager 10.8

Key features: Applications Manager 10.8 introduces monitoring for Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform and applications running on the platform, plus monitoring of transactions in .NET environments and a new Cloud Starter edition for SaaS start-ups. More info.

Yottaa Site Monitor 2.0

Product name: Yottaa Site Monitor 2.0

Key features: Site Monitor 2.0 gives web operations and marketing teams a handle on site health. With real browser monitoring 24x7, problem detection and alerts – users can diagnose and resolve in a timely manner. More info.

Yottaa Optimizer 2.0

Product name: Yottaa Optimizer 2.0

Key features: Optimizer 2.0 features Yottaa’s patented QuickTune technology that puts high-end web performance optimization capabilities in the hands of any web team – allowing teams to dramatically accelerate web sites and mobile apps. More info.


Product name: Nasuni

Key features: Nasuni combines on-premises hardware with cloud to deliver storage for remote or branch office locations of distributed enterprises to securely access their corporate fileshare on iOS and Android devices. More info.

Avigilon Control Center 5.0

Product name: Avigilon Control Center 5.0

Key features: ACC 5.0 with Kinect technology enables users to manage video surveillance with hand gestures and voice commands, while providing crash-proof enterprise server management and intelligent virtual matrix, supporting real-time, 24/7 collaboration and interactivity. More info.

DecisionTools Suite version 6.0

Product name: DecisionTools Suite version 6.0

Key features: Expands the capabilities of Palisade’s risk analysis software. New features include integration with Microsoft Project for schedule simulation, improved graphs, enhanced reporting, time-series simulation and Crystal Ball model converter. More info.

ITinvolve for Service Management

Product name: ITinvolve for Service Management

Key features: ITinvolve for Service Management is a transformative solution to help IT professionals improve decision making, providing intelligent analysis and combining collaboration processes in the context of specific issues or problems. More info.

OmniPeek 7.0

Product: OmniPeek 7.0

Key features: OmniPeek 7.0 includes a revamped Compass dashboard that displays key WLAN behavior; OmniPeekRemote Assistant for better offsite troubleshooting; multi-channel and roaming analysis, and support for the latest IEEE 802.11 specifications. More info.

Product name: General availability of Node.js on Engine Yard Cloud

Key features: Engine Yard Cloud is a commercial grade PaaS now offering Node.js (the popular framework for real-time Web applications). With Node.js, developers can deploy highly scalable and concurrent systems. More info.