Products of the week 4.8.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Citrix

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

REC10 High Power 600mW Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender

Product name: REC10 High Power 600mW Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender

Key features: the smallest (2.75 x 4 inches) technology of its kind to create stronger connections to the home router. It eliminates dropped connections, provides better range and signal and faster throughput to eliminate buffering on audio and video streaming, as well as to eliminate lag for online console gaming. More info.

Tufin Security Suite R13-1

Product name: Tufin Security Suite R13-1

Pricing: SecureTrack starts at $20,000 for 10 firewalls, SecureChange (and SecureTrack) starts at $35,000 for 10 firewalls, and SecureApp (includes SecureTrack and SecureChange licenses) at $45,000 for 10 applications.

Key features: enhanced topology reporting, automated change provisioning for Cisco devices, and deeper and wider device support (including support for Cisco zone based firewalls and Fortinet Fortimanager). R13-1 also furthers Tufin's expansion into Application Connectivity Management with automated Application Connection Discovery, Analysis and Diagnostics. More info.

WebLoadUI by SmartBear

Product name: WebLoadUI by SmartBear

Key features: a free desktop tool for performance, stress, scalability and load testing of web servers and services. More info.


Product name: MyAccessMobile

Key features: enables a new level of IAM agility resulting in rapid business user responsiveness. MyAccessMobile supports both Aveksa’s on-premise and cloud-based IAM solutions. More info.

Perforce Commons

Product name: Perforce Commons

Key features: a document collaboration tool that supports all types of files. Its powerful merge and versioning capabilities save professionals time and trouble in finding, revising and collaborating on documents. More info.


Product name: GenieDB

Key features: automates and optimizes the management of data consistency, replication and failure recovery across a globally distributed environment. It integrates with MySQL to provide enterprises a cloud-enabled, ultra-available, globally distributed database platform that supports any MySQL application without the pain of switching to a new database. More info.

Product name: Airlock Secure Cloud Hosting

Pricing: Tier 1: 1 Core + 1GB Mem + 30GB Storage: $50/month ($0.07/hour)

Tier 2: 2 Cores + 2GB Mem + 50GB Storage: $100/month ($0.14/hour)

Tier 3: 2 Cores + 4GB Mem + 100GB Storage: $150/month ($0.21/hour)

Tier 4: 4 Cores + 4GB Mem + 150GB Storage: $250/month ($0.34/hour)

Key features: Airlock is a high-performance cloud platform with simple controls for managing and scaling private cloud servers, instant apps and development frameworks, with integrated security features. More info.

Backupify Spring Release for Google Apps

Product name: Backupify Spring Release for Google Apps

Pricing: Backupify Professional = $3/month/user includes unlimited storage

Backupify Enterprise = $4/month/user includes unlimited storage

Backupify Enterprise Plus = $990/month/domain includes up to 1 TB of storage

Key features: includes a set of backup and recovery features manage backups in the complex internal structure of larger organizations. More info.

S2 Suite

Product name: S2 Suite

Key features: simplifies the management of employees, vendors, work orders, invoices, customers, inventory and accounting through a secure cloud-based tool that can be used from any mobile device. More info.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Product name: Amazon Cloud Drive

Key features: added a file synchronization feature. Users can now manage files across multiple computers and access files in the Amazon Cloud from a folder on their computer. More info.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Product name: Enterprise Private Cloud

Key features: a secure single-tenant pool of computing resources, custom-built, and connected to a scalable SAN solution. The result is a private cloud platform with industrial-strength security capabilities. More info.


Product name: ShareFile

Key features: now offers Archiving for Financial Services to help financial services organizations comply with data archiving regulations under SEC and FINRA rules. More info.

SkyDrive for iOS

Product name: SkyDrive for iOS

Pricing: Up to 7GB: free; Additional 20GB: $10 annually; Additional 50GB: $25 annually; Additional 100GB: $50 annually.

Key features: provides anywhere access to all of your files on the go. v3.0 adds improved photo features, updated UI, and opening and saving SkyDrive files with other apps. More info.

HotLink Hybrid Express

Product name: HotLink Hybrid Express

Key features: provides Amazon EC2 plug-in support for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager so IT can deploy, administer and manage hybrid on- and off-premise resources using existing virtualization management infrastructure. More info.

Mission Critical Cloud

Product name: Mission Critical Cloud

Pricing: can deliver a simple virtual server for $92 per month – or $0.13 per hour. For a Windows 2012 solution, with 2 vCPUs, 4GB Memory, 1TB BW, 100GB Standard Storage, the monthly cost would be $401.00 or $0.56 per hour.

Key features: provides built-in disaster recovery and sophisticated cloud management functions that automate day-to-day IT activities. More info.

Teambox On-Premise

Product name: Teambox On-Premise

Key features: a lightweight collaboration platform allowing end-users to communicate, coordinate and collaborate efficiently and effectively with complete control over their data and infrastructure behind their own firewall.

SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition

Product name: SteelEye Datakeeper Cloud Edition

Key features: the first and only high-performance data replication solution to enable native SQL Server failover clustering in the Amazon Cloud. More info.

Nlyte 7

Product name: Nlyte 7

Key features: delivers next generation DCIM with the industry's first business intelligence engine and only contextual data repository, physical and logical row viewing and cabinet device overlay reports. More info.


Product name: EH8000

Key features: an all-in-one appliance that performs real-time L2-L7 transaction analysis at a sustained 20Gbps, enabling organizations to analyze 10 times the amount of traffic at one-tenth of the price of competing products. More info.