Product of the week 10.8.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Symantec,SilverPeak, Varonis.

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Veritas Cluster Server

Product name – Veritas Cluster Server

Key features – Features new functionality for disaster recovery and high availability for VMware environments. Solution provides automatic application failover between VMware virtual machines ensuring faster application recovery without compromising VMware advanced capabilities. More info.

AX 5630

Product name: AX 5630

Key features: The AX 5630 delivers 6 million Layer 4 connections per second (CPS) in a 3 rack unit (RU), 40-Gigabit port appliance with SSL and DDoS protection leadership. The high SSL performance is significant as customers move to 2048-bit key sizes. This release allows customers to encrypt entire sessions without performance degradation. More info.


Product name – TraceCSO

Key features – The first cloud solution for a holistic and risk-based information security program that delivers comprehensive visibility and accountability for improved risk and compliance profiles across all areas of an organization. More info.


Product name: FortiAP-223B

Key features: The FortiAP-223B is a dual-radio, dual-stream access point that supports external antenna connections. This allows customers more flexible installation options by projecting wireless signals to difficult to reach locations. More info.

Silver Peak Velocity

Product name: Silver Peak Velocity

Key features: Silver Peak Velocity is a combination of products, pricing and packaging that allows storage administrators to minimize risk and reduce costs by replicating more data in less time. More info.

Retina Community

Product name: Retina Community

Key features: Retina Community, a free vulnerability assessment tool for up to 256 IPs, identifies vulnerabilities (including zero day), configuration issues, and missing patches across operating systems, applications, devices, and virtual environments. More info.


Product name: Bonfyre

Key features: Bonfyre is a mobile app to plan, capture and share experiences with the people that matter. It allows users to privately plan events, chat, share photos and create group photo streams. More info.

Product name: Click With Me Now

Key features: Click With Me Now is a web-based application for users to instantly share the web session they’re viewing in real time with friends, family members or advisers using a one-click, no download, no-cost solution. More info.

Powerbus busway

Product name - Powerbus busway

Key features – The Powerbus busway solution for data centers moves power distribution from below the floor to above the IT cabinet rows, enabling flexible power distribution to multiple electrical loads below, resulting in reduced energy waste and maximized cooling potential. The solution delivers scalable, adaptable and energy efficient data centers. More info.

Varonis DatAdvantage Version 5.8

Product name: Varonis DatAdvantage Version 5.8

Key features: Varonis DatAdvantage provides flexible, easy to manage, cost effective data governance for unstructured and semi-structured data that reduces system and network overhead. More info.

SlideShark v2.1

Product name: SlideShark v2.1

Key features: Free app for viewing and sharing PowerPoints on iPad and iPhone. New integrations with Box and Dropbox. Users can also turn iPhone into remote control when delivering presentations from iPad. More info.

TappIn Professional Edition

Product name: TappIn Professional Edition

Key features: OnTapp offers a 10GB transactional cloud storage; integration with enables users to access information stored within Salesforce; new version include enhanced administrative features. More info.

Aconex Field

Product name: Aconex Field

Key features: Uses a downloadable iPad or iPhone app to replace manual, paper-based process of field inspection and issues management. Captures, analyzes, reports, communicates, and tracks issues for faster, more accurate identification and resolution. More info.

vFoglight Storage 2.0

Product name: vFoglight Storage 2.0

Key features: vFoglight Storage 2.0 provides integrated application to disk performance monitoring. This allows server and storage teams to get on the same page when troubleshooting, managing and planning for VM performance. More info.

Bit9 v7.0

Product name: Bit9 v7.0

Key features: Bit9 v7.0 is the first security solution to deliver IT- and cloud-driven trust. It enables IT organizations to create policies that leverage the trust ratings in Bit9’s cloud-based Global Software Registry (GSR). It is also the first trust-based security solution optimized for virtualized environments: Bit9’s new features eliminate repeated disk scans, multiple initializations of cloned virtual machines, problematic gold image updates, and other issues that plague traditional application control products in virtualized environments. More info.

RF Code Nlyte Integration Module

Product name: RF Code Nlyte Integration Module

Key features: • Real-time asset location changes enable more accurate asset capacity planning. • True entire asset lifecycle tracking: track your asset on the dock or before – all the way through installation, repair or decommission. • Real-time asset location changes enable more accurate reporting and analysis. • Single location and origination for data center asset information enables full queries on assets and monitoring.