New products of the week 03.17.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as NetIQ and d-Link

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Insight Risk Management Suite Version 5

Product name: Insight Risk Management Suite Version 5

Key features: Allows chief security officers to transform silos of technical security data into business-focused information to convince non-IT stakeholders to prioritize risk abatement measures and budgets. Integrates with vulnerability scanners. More info.

Appthority Mobile App Risk Management Service

Product name:  Appthority Mobile App Risk Management Service

Key features: Appthority now allows IT administrators the flexibility to create and manage mobile app policies by company department, by geography or even by device type - whether company or employee owned. More info.

Compact Remote Console Access plus Switched PDU

Product name: Compact Remote Console Access plus Switched PDU

Key features: Space-saving solution for remote console port access and power reboot control in a compact, wall-mount package. Ideal for kiosks and enclosures. Includes monitoring and alarm functions plus enterprise management software. More info.

Automatic Transfer Switch for High Amp Power Redundancy

Product name: Automatic Transfer Switch for High Amp Power Redundancy

Key features: Add automatic power failover capabilities to high amp single power supply network elements without the expense of buying new double power supply devices. Continuous source monitoring with out-of-phase switching capability. More info.

Product name:  PanFS 5.5 

Key features: PanFS 5.5 is a major storage operating system update for Panasas ActiveStor scale-out NAS appliances featuring enterprise-grade Microsoft Windows support. Panasas now addresses a significantly wider range of business-critical applications, helping customers drive product and research innovation. More info.

Modulo Risk Manager Version 9.0

Product name: Modulo Risk Manager Version 9.0

Key features: lets CISOs integrate large volumes of data – from any cyber security, physical security, social, mobile or other data source in context of GRC program metadata - with business intelligence reporting for rapid real-time data visualization and analytics. More info.

MobileAccess 2.0

Product Name: MobileAccess 2.0

Key features: MobileAccess provides single-touch, secure access to corporate services and information from iOS or Android mobile devices. Access is based on employee and role, without intruding on the user or device. More info.

ASG’s CloudFactory for Mainframe

Product name: ASG-CloudFactory for Mainframe

Key features: simplifies and accelerates mainframe management with its cloud-based, service orchestration platform. It rids organizations of risky manual processes, human errors, slow mainframe request fulfillment and skill shortages due to generational knowledge gaps. More info.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Product name: Threat Intelligence Platform

Key features: BrandProtect’s threat intelligence platform integrates holistic monitoring capabilities to help safeguard enterprises’ brand reputations and minimize business risks from sophisticated, multi-channel online threats, including phishing attacks, fraudulent mobile applications, brand impersonation and other illegal uses of business IP. More info.

D-Link DGS-1510 Series Gigabit SmartPro Switches

Product name: D-Link DGS-1510 Series Gigabit SmartPro Switches

Pricing: DGS-1510-20: $599.99; DGS-1510-28: $899.99; DGS-1510-28P: $ 1,099.99; DGS-1510-52: $1,639.99

Key features: These new switches provide reliable, scalable and modular interconnections between core and edge switches with rich capabilities and simplified flexibility, including: Six units or 288 Gigabit ports can be configured as a stack with up to 40 Gigabits of full duplex stacking bandwidth using optional direct attach copper (DAC) or fiber optic cables to provide high bandwidth with cost efficiency. More info.

 Armor5 Cloud Security for Google Apps for Business

Product name: Armor5 Cloud Security for Google Apps for Business

Key features: Enterprises gain ‘Last Mile Security’ for Google Apps for Business from any device, any network. Armor5 delivers Data Loss Prevention, cloud compliance and cross-cloud analytics, while preserving user privacy. More info.

Element OS 6 (Carbon)

Product name: Element OS 6 (Carbon)

Further pricing: All Element OS features are included in SolidFire's all-flash storage architecture, which is delivered below $3/GB across the range of cluster size from 5 to 100 nodes

Key features: adds a new set of enterprise-class features to SolidFire’s all-flash array, including real-time replication, integrated backup and recovery, mixed node cluster support, and Fibre Channel connectivity. More info.

Espresso Logic Live API

Product name: Espresso Logic Live API

Key features: Helps enterprise developers create enterprise class REST/JSON APIs to their database (including MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle Server) in minutes for use with Web or Mobile applications. More info.

Zimbra Community 8.0

Product name: Zimbra Community 8.0

Key features: introduces a free edition for small businesses, a new mobile interface and templates for the simplified deployment of online communities to enhance customer support and employee productivity. More info.

The Delphix Modernization Engine

Product name: Delphix Modernization Engine

Key features: is a virtual appliance that reduces the risk of data center modernization projects, including consolidations, conversions from Unix to Linux, cloud migration and application retirement. More info.

Pro-Vision 3.0

Product name: Pro-Vision 3.0

Key features: is an HTML5-based, intuitive and comprehensive service delivery and provisioning software platform that simplifies and automates the design, deployment and assurance of intelligent, multi-layer virtualized networks. More info.


Product name: Incapsula

Key features: is an integrated Cloud based application delivery service that provides businesses with website/application Security, DDoS Mitigation, Acceleration and Load Balancing. The service is activated via a DNS routing change and does not require installing software, hardware or making changes to the website/application.  More info.

Sanovi Cloud Continuity Module for Cisco UCS Director

Product name: Sanovi Cloud Continuity Module for Cisco UCS Director

Key features: The release fills a major gap for service providers using FlexPod converged infrastructure in private, public and hybrid cloud deployments. Underpinned by Sanovi's Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology, Sanovi cloud continuity enables true cloud business continuity by offering a service-centric approach, self-service recovery model and self-management of the application recovery life cycle. More info.

Skybox View Enterprise Suite 7.0

Product name: Skybox View Enterprise Suite 7.0

Key features: provides continuous intelligence about vulnerabilities and network security risks, with no network disruption, prioritizing critical risks in minutes, and integrating remediation options. More info.

Cloud Performance Monitor

Product name: Cloud Performance Monitor

Key features: Partnership between CloudSigma and New Relic provides customers with new levels of real-time insight into the health and performance of their applications and server infrastructure, giving them the confidence to deploy more mission-critical workloads in the cloud. More info.

Thales PKI Consulting Services

Product name: Thales Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Consulting Services

Key features: enables your business to design and deploy a customized, self-managed PKI with the critical root of trust secured by Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs). More info.