Products of the week 9.24.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as McAfee, Solar Winds and Dell

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Coveo for Salesforce

Product name: Coveo for Salesforce

Key features: An enterprise unified indexing engine that provides end users and Salesforce administrators with the most relevant insight from diverse systems, instantaneously. Consolidates information from social media, the cloud or enterprise systems. More info.

Ixia Cloud Infrastructure Quick Test

Product name: Ixia Cloud Infrastructure Quick Test

Key features: The Cloud Infrastructure Quick Test, available with IxNetwork, validates the performance of data center infrastructure switching tiers by easily creating North-South and East-West traffic patterns and altering the scenarios with an easy Wizard. More info.

VeloBit HyperCache Windows

Product Name: VeloBit HyperCache Windows

Key features: VeloBit HyperCache Windows uses SSD, RAM, and compression to accelerate application performance and increase VM density by up to 20x. VeloBit HyperCache Windows installs in 60 seconds and requires no change to applications or storage. More info.

Backupify for Salesforce

Product name: Backupify for Salesforce

Key features: Backupify for Salesforce provides automated daily backups eliminating the manual process of downloading, storing and rotating Salesforce export files. Comprehensive Salesforce backups include all standard objects, custom objects, attached files and Chatter messages. More info.

SolarWinds Cloud Performance Monitor Powered by CopperEgg

Product name: SolarWinds Cloud Performance Monitor Powered by CopperEgg

Key features: Cloud Performance Monitor Powered by CopperEgg provides real-time insight into applications and services deployed on cloud, virtual and physical servers by providing alerts on server, OS, system and process issues. More info.

Cloudmark Mobile Platform 3.0

Product name: Cloudmark Mobile Platform 3.0

Key features: Provides real-time visibility and control of mobile messaging threats. Enables organizations to stop the spread of spam, phishing and malware to their subscriber base via the mobile messaging channel. More info.

Network Sentry 6.0

Product name: Network Sentry 6.0

Key features: Bradford’s newest NAC solution provides a foundation for enabling BYOD that empowers IT to discover, define and control how devices and users gain access to network resources. More info.


Product Name: Infopliance

Key features: Infopliance is the industry’s first database appliance specifically designed for fast and affordable analysis of machine-generated data, scaling from 12 to 144 terabytes of data in a single appliance node. More info.

Latitude 6430u Ultrabook

Product name: Latitude 6430u Ultrabook

Key features: Dell says its Windows 8 Ultrabook will boast long battery life, durability and a slim form factor. The company also announced a new 10-inch tablet and all-in-one desktop, similarly designed for business use. More info.


Product name: Jelastic

Key features: Jelastic’s platform as a service (PaaS) can run and scale any application with no code changes required, and has intuitive user interface. More info.

DxConsole 2012R2, featuring DxSRM

Product name - DxConsole 2012R2, featuring DxSRM

Key features - DxSRM automated instance-level load balancer, for Microsoft SQL Server, simplifies and improves applications management across physical, virtual and cloud environments; resulting in dramatically enhanced performance, productivity, resource utilization and QoS, as well as significant cost savings (over 50%). More info.

Pure Storage FlashArray

Product name: Pure Storage FlashArray

Key features: Pure Storage FlashArray is the first all-flash enterprise array that is driving the cost of all-flash storage under the price of spinning disk. New features include iSCSI connectivity, ZeroSnap snapshots and vCenter Web Client Plugin. More info.

McAfee Anti-Theft

Product name: McAfee Anti-Theft

Key features: In the event that your Intel Ultrabook is stolen or lost, McAfee Anti-Theft solution will lock, locate and track your device all while encrypting personal files to protect your information. More information: a. Intel, b. McAfee, c. Multimedia Gallery

Product name: Tufin SecureApp

Key features: This software enables managing both the network connectivity needs and the security requirements of applications with a monitoring/provisioning layer that abstracts the underlying firewall and router policies. SecureApp lets security pros define, update, monitor and remove applications from a single platform.