11 Unique Uses for Google Glass, Demonstrated by Celebs

Celebrities Could Put Google Glass to Use in the Real World Deck: Think Google Glass is only for geeks? You might be right, for now, but it's only a matter of time before celebrities hop aboard the Glass bandwagon. Here's why.
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Credit: Ho New/Reuters

Celebrities and Google Glass

The common perception of Google Glass outside of tech circles is that it's an awkward looking, and kind of creepy, wearable camera. It is. But Glass is also much more. (Read "5 Things You Need to Know About Google Glass" for details.) The following slides offer a humorous take on some potential real-world uses of Google Glass, along with images of notable celebrities sporting Glass-es. (Big shout out to my longtime editor and friend, Shane O'Neill, who helped come up with the idea for this slide show.)

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