Products of the week 7.22.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as SolarWinds and Embrane

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Thunder 3030S, 1030S, and 930

Product name: Thunder 3030S, 1030S, and 930

Key features: A10 Thunder Series are Unified Application Service Gateways that consolidate services for Application Delivery, Security, Cloud, SDN and Next Gen Networking in a compact and easy to manage platform. More info.


Product name: Onvelop

Pricing: Onvelop for iPad, with all functionalities, is $2.99 for the first 30 days. For continued use, consumers can make an in-app purchase of the Lite version for $2.99 per month, or the Pro version for $3.99 per month. Users can also subscribe for the Pro version annually for $39.99. Onvelop for Android is available for $4.00 per user, per month.

Key features: Onvelop is a unified collaboration and communication platform that brings enterprise mobility and BYOD capability to business consumers by enabling secure access to Office 365, SharePoint and Lync from mobile devices. More info.

Authentify xFA

Product name: Authentify xFA

Key features: turns mobile devices into personal authenticators by replacing passwords with biometrics and cryptographs — digital images that activate PKI digital certificates — providing enterprise control and user convenience. More info.


Co3 Privacy Module

Product name: Co3 Privacy Module

Key features: Enhancements include complete coverage for European Union privacy regulations along with U.S. and Canada, allowing organizations to easily navigate the vast differences in the definition, regulation and communication of data breaches involving PII.

Coverity Development Testing Platform version 6.6

Product Name: Coverity Development Testing Platform version 6.6

Key features: Coverity 6.6 offers a patent-pending innovation that helps developers prioritize which automated tests need to be run, along with the order they should be run, based on code criticality and risk, change impact and project priorities. More info.

Egnyte for Google Drive

Product name: Egnyte for Google Drive

Key features: The app enables Google Drive docs to be securely synced with Egnyte. Users access these docs alongside other files in one centralized view and link to them using Egnyte sharing. More info.

Embrane heleos

Product name: Embrane heleos

Key features: delivers new Virtual Links (vLinks) and Virtual Topologies (vTopologies) to create Layer 3 overlays that enable application-centric networking solutions. When coupled with the new ESM Projects function and heleos-powered software-defined network services, enterprises can create dedicated network infrastructure on a per application basis in seconds.


Product name: FortiGate-240D
Key features: The FortiGate 240D series provides a mid-range network security platform designed for branch offices and SMB customers. More info.

IDrive Mobile Online Backup with One-Touch

Product name: IDrive Mobile Online Backup with One-Touch

Key features: Backup and restore mobile data with a single touch. Cross device/cross platform backup & restore. Enhanced user UI, backup an unlimited amount of devices to one single IDrive account. More info.

Novell iPrint

Product name: Novell iPrint

Key features: Novell iPrint offers scalable, self-service enterprise printing with mobile printing capabilities that enable users to securely print on-the-go from virtually any device. More info.

Romonet Portal 2.0

Product name: Romonet Portal 2.0

Key features: SaaS-based suite for predicting, analyzing and improving data center performance and TCO. Compares ‘expected vs actual’ performance down to individual sub-systems, enabling quick identification of operational issues and service costing. More info.

SolarWinds DNSstuff

Product name: SolarWinds DNSstuff

Key features: Expanding its portfolio of free solutions, SolarWinds’ online collection of over 30 DNS management tools for email, network, domain, and IP address lookup, DNSstuff, is now available for free. More info.

telyHD Pro

Product name –  telyHD Pro  

Key features - The telyHD Pro is an all-in-one group videoconferencing appliance helping organizations introduce or extend video communications to secondary conference rooms using existing standard video infrastructure or leveraging the telyCloud virtual communications infrastructure. More info.

WatchPoint 3.0

Product Name – WatchPoint 3.0

Key features - WatchPoint 3.0 is the first distributed networking monitoring solution that uses big data technology to capture all network flow and packet analysis data with one-minute granularity for up to one year. More info.

Wowza GoCoder

Product name: Wowza GoCoder

Key features: is an iOS application designed to capture live audio and video content over 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi for delivery through Wowza Media Server as live HD-quality adaptive streaming content to any screen. More info.

Sencha Space

Product name: Sencha Space

Key features: Sencha Space is a secure and managed environment for deploying mobile business applications that is the missing link to multi-device app development and management in today’s brave new BYOD world. More info.

Nuance voice biometrics

Product name - Nuance voice biometrics

Key features – Nuance Voice Biometric solutions eliminate the need for passwords, PINs and security questions and provide secure, effortless authentication through natural voice patterns. Latest version includes market-leading accuracy, superior fraud detection, and simplified deployment and management. More info.

Coraid ZX 4000

Product Name: Coraid ZX 4000

Key features: ZX4000 delivers flash-enhanced performance, allows customers to create limitless pools of elastic, shared, block storage, scale file storage performance and protects against of up to three drive failures. More info.