Hottest iPad 3 design concepts

If you just can’t wait for Apple to introduce the real iPad 3, enjoy these designer concept images for now


The latest sure thing about the Apple iPad 3 tablet is that it will be announced in March. What the device (if it is even called the iPad 3) will feature is still up for plenty of speculation, though a high resolution retina display, bigger battery and more powerful processor are among the consensus picks. Here’s a collection of new and old iPad 3 concept images kicking around the Web. Perhaps we’ll soon see if any are spot-on.

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iPhoneys: The iPhone 5 edition

This is one of the more detailed concept designs, pointing out the exact thinness of the tablet expected, along with audio and video details.

Credit: Roman Sima

Shiniest iPad ever!


Apple getting more transparent.

Credit: Industry Gamers

Gamers are psyched about this colorful concept.

Credit: Obamapacman

Kickin’ it old school.

It's not purely a next-gen iPad, but rather, a combination iPad and MacBook Pro that designer Jules Moretti dubs a MacPad Pro: "NO MORE physical keyboard!! And thinner. New retina displays on both. Also no more Ethernet Port, 2 Thunderbolt [ports] and 3 ports for usb 3."