The geek skills challenge: 9 talents worth mastering

From replacing a hard drive to picking a lock, these are the skills you need to earn the name 'geek'
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These days, geek is a label countless people wear proudly. In fact, if you're on this website, there's a good chance you're a geek yourself. Either that, or you made a serious typo in your search for porn.

However you got here, now's the perfect time to step back and evaluate your personal level of geekdom. Geek skills are life skills, after all -- the types of things you never know when you might need. And it's up to you to maintain your virtual toolbox.

I've assembled a collection of 10 geeky endeavors well worth your efforts. Some are easy and may even be things you've already mastered; others are more extreme but could prove equally useful down the road.

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