Highest-paying tech cities for 2014

Here are the Top 10 cities that will pay higher than the national average this year.

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Dice's 2014 Tech Salary Survey found the average nationwide salary for tech pros jumping 2.6% to $87,811. Here are the Top 10 cities that will pay higher than the national average this year.

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Silicon Valley

#1 Silicon Valley

Pay in the tech mecca averaged $108,603 in 2013, a robust rebound from 2012, when the average salary dropped by 2.8%. Dice attributes this year's 7.2% jump in part to the fact professionals making more than $250,000 were included in this year's results. In addition to being the only area to boast a mean salary in the six figures, the annual bonus for tech workers in Silicon Valley averaged $12,458.

Baltimore/Washington D.C.
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#2 Baltimore/Washington D.C.

The mid-Atlantic powerhouse retained its No. 2 spot from last year, despite a 0.3% drop in average salary, coming in at $97,588. Out of the 14 cities boasting tech pay above the national average, Baltimore-Washington was one of the four that saw a drop in average pay.

 Los Angeles
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#3 Los Angeles

Average salary in the land of beautiful people jumped 3.6% to $95,815, a 3.6% gain over the previous year and a sizeable jump from its No. 7 spot last year.

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#4 Seattle

The 206 squeaked out a tiny 0.8% gain in 2013, but that was still enough to climb one spot to #4 this year. Tech pros averaged $95,048.


#5 Boston

The Hub swapped spots with Seattle in this year's survey, perhaps due to the fact average salaries dropped 0.2%, one of only four in the Top 14 to see a drop. Tech salaries in the Boston metro area averaged $94,531.

New York
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#6 New York

A 4.7% increase in tech pay this year helped New York nearly double its position from last year's #11 slot. IT salaries in the area averaged $93,915 and drew New York over the $90,000-mark.

#7 Denver
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#7 Denver

Denver moved up one spot from last year's survey, boasting an average tech salary of $93,195. The 3.1% salary bump bested the nationwide average tech salary increase of 2.6%.

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#8 Houston

IT pros in the aerospace capital of Texas averaged annual pay of $92,475, which dropped the metro two spots in this year's survey. This year's 1.8% salary decrease is a stark reversal from last year's data, in which the area saw a 5.5% jump.


#9 Philadelphia

Philly enjoyed the largest pay increase among the 14 cities that offer above-average tech pay. Tech pros in the area saw a 7.5% jump and an average salary of $92,138. Those figures were enough to vault Philadelphia into the Top 10 highest paying cities, a far cry from last year's ranking of 17.

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#10 Austin

The city was one of only two in the Top 10 to retain the same position from the previous year. Salaries were up an average of 2.6% to $91,994.

San Diego

Other top-paying cities

This year's survey found four additional cities offering above-average tech pay: San Diego ($90,849), Atlanta ($90,474), Charlotte ($90,352) and Dallas/Ft. Worth ($89,952).