Products of the week 4.2.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products from Eeye, Solarwinds, Aspect, among others.

Our roundup of intriguing new products from Eeye, Solarwinds, Aspect, among others. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Product name: Aspect Unified IP 7

Key features: Aspect Unified IP 7, the platform that powers UC applications for customer contact, combines key functional capabilities to deliver a next-generation platform for customer service, collections, sales and telemarketing processes. More info.

Product name: PocketHound Cell Phone Detector

Key features: PocketHound detects cell phone use within a 75-mile radius and is perfect for catching cheating students, deterring corporate espionage and stopping courtroom personnel from illegal cell phone use. More info.

Product name: EtherHound Cell Phone Detector

Key features: EtherHound is a mountable, networkable (PoE) cell phone detector that allows users to create custom triggers for security teams, government buildings and correctional facilities. More info.

Product name: Wolfhound-PRO Cell Phone Detector

Key features: Wolfhound-PRO detects cell phone use within a 150-foot radius indoors and up to 1 mile outdoors (line-of-sight). Direction finding antenna pinpoints contraband cell phones. More info.

Product name: WatchHound Cell Phone Detector

Key features: WatchHound is a wall mountable 24-7 monitor that secures any structure or prison from illegal cell phone use. Unit provides audible and PC alerts via optional monitoring software. More info.

Product name: iTRUST - Access Control for Business

Key features: iTRUST utilizes dual path IP connectivity, power over Ethernet (POE) and Internet-based configuration, management and reporting to give businesses an affordable, easy to install, turn-key access control package for 2 to 32 doors. iTRUST’s IP infrastructure allows security dealers to professionally manage, monitor and host a client’s access control system remotely if required. More info.

Product name: Trusted FICAM Platform

Key features: The Trusted FICAM Platform The Trusted FICAM (Federated Identity Credential & Access Management) Platform is a military-grade, FIPS 201/SP800-116 compliant, high assurance PKI-enabled PACS (Physical Access Control) System. The Platform’s trusted path over the Federal PKI Bridge to a secure government employee and contractor identity database empowers government agencies to comply with security mandates such as FIPS-201, DTM 09-012 and OMB M 11-11. The FICAM Platform is capable of reading all varieties of PIV, PIV-I, CAC, FRAC and TWIC government issued smart cards and was the first access control system on the market to pass the stringent CertiPath Trusted PACS Certification. The FICAM Platform was the first and is currently the only government PACS system reading PIV-I utilizing FIPS-201 compliant three-factor authentication readers (smart card, biometric and PIN number) in a live Department of Defense operating environment. More info.

Product name: SAFEnet SP4

Key features: The SAFEnet Platform blends access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and FIPS-201 compliant identity solutions into a centralized dashboard environment. SAFEnet arms security administrators with real-time event visualization, management, reporting and situational awareness, across the global enterprise. The latest version includes a comprehensive Microsoft Platform upgrade that utilizes the latest released versions of MS Windows Server, MS Windows Workstation and MS SQL Server. This upgrade assists the Security Department in complying with new IT migration strategies from Win2003, XP and SQL Server 2000/2005 to the latest Microsoft technology. More info.

Product name: BlueEdge ICE – Unified Digital Controller

Key features: The Unified Digital Controller (UDC) is designed for enterprise-wide access control and intrusion detection applications. It is the industry’s first commercially available Ethernet powered (PoE), Dual Path IP-based digital controller that is internet configurable and cloud manageable, with full stand-alone intelligence capabilities at the edge of the network. Powered by Monitor Dynamics’ BlueEdge ICE Technology, the UDC delivers simple plug-and-play field installation, designed to reduce overall project resource costs and configuration time for the installer. More info.

Product name: ServiceMesh Agility Platform version 7.4

Key features: The Agility Platform manages the life cycle of cloud applications independent of the underlying infrastructure while maintaining compliance, security and governance through flexible policy definition and enforcement. More info.

Product name: Centrix WorkSpace iQStart

Key features: WorkSpace iQStart, an inventory tool delivering detailed assessment of large-scale desktop and application environments, provides essential data for planning Windows 7, virtualization and cloud transformations and for ongoing infrastructure monitoring. More info.

Product name: eEye Configuration Scanner

Key features: Free scanner checks for best practice configuration settings, including configuration of local OS and how the network is architected. Offers a simple pass/fail and informational status check. IDs potential backdoors along with what code is signed. More info.

Product name: SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler

Key features: Storage manager provides heterogeneous storage management and end-to-end monitoring for multiple vendors and arrays, identifying contention on the virtualization and storage sides, issuing alerts on performance metrics, and configuring charts to see storage and performance trends. More info.

Product name: StartMeeting - Online Meeting and Conferencing

Key features: Screen sharing; integrated audio conferencing; a meeting wall to upload pictures, documents, and links; and conference calls can be recorded for free. More info.

Product name: OnApp Cloud

Key features: OnApp Cloud is a complete cloud management platform for service providers and enterprises, with class-leading scalability, resilience and ease of use. There’s also a free version for testing, development and small public and private clouds. More info.

Product name: OnApp CDN

Key features: OnApp CDN is a federated CDN platform for service providers. It includes edge server software; a DNS redirection service; and a global marketplace with dozens of PoPs, where providers can also sell spare capacity. More info.

Product name: OnApp Storage

Key features: OnApp Storage is a distributed block storage platform. It turns commodity servers and disks into an extremely scalable and efficient SAN – creating highly resilient, affordable, scalable storage for cloud environments. More info.