10 Most Telecommuting-Friendly Tech Companies

If you're looking for a job that allows (or even encourages) telecommuting, these 10 tech companies are the places to begin your search.

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Even as companies like Yahoo ban telecommuting in an attempt to fix larger business problems, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that "Where the impact of telecommuting has been empirically evaluated, it seems to boost productivity, decrease absenteeism and increase retention," according to this 2012 report.

If you're looking for a job that allows telecommuting either full- or part-time, here's a list of the 10 highest-ranked tech companies based on CNN Money and Fortune's list of 100 Best Companies to Work for 2013.

Intel, telecommuting

10. Intel

Eighty-two percent of Intel's employees are "regular" telecommuters as of 2011. According to the company's benefits page, employees and managers work out flexible work options like telecommuting, working part-time, job sharing, adopting alternative start and stop times, or other arrangements.

Cisco, telecommuting

9. Cisco Systems

Cisco's Virtual Office software and extensive telecommuting policy -- as of 2011, almost 85 percent of Cisco employees worked remotely on a regular basis -- has resulted in an estimated productivity savings for the company of about $277 million.

Rackspace, telecommuting

8. Rackspace

The IT cloud and Web hosting provider is based in Texas, but has offices around the globe. Rackspace offers any number of telecommute-friendly positions, from Lead Web Developers to Senior Software Developer, according to its job listings site.

Intuit, telecommuting

7. Intuit

Best-known for its QuickBooks and TurboTax software, the accounting and financial services software giant lets employees and managers work out flexible work arrangements for many of its positions. The company also has a job listings page devoted to remote positions.

Salesforce.com, telecommuting

6. Salesforce.com

A quick search on Indeed.com shows 906 telecommute-friendly jobs available at Salesforce.com, highlighting the Software-as-a-Service giant's commitment to flexible, employee-focused work environments.

QualComm, telecommuting

5. QualComm

Of QualComm's approximately 18,000 employees, 18 percent telecommute regularly, and the company also offers flexible scheduling and other alternative work arrangements.

Ultimate Software, telecommuting

4. Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software's people management solutions are used by tech firms like Google and Cisco, and the company boasts that among its regular employees, about 50 percent worked remotely more than 20 percent of the time.

NetApp, telecommuting

3. NetApp

The data storage powerhouse has a substantial telecommuting workforce, with 30 percent of employees working remotely at least part-time. A job board search reveals a wide range of jobs, including NetApp storage engineer and systems administrator, all with telecommuting potential.

SAS, telecommuting

2. SAS

Nearly 10 percent of SAS employees work from home one or two days per week; half of the staff works occasionally from home or branch offices -- up to one or two days per week -- depending on when it is more convenient, according to the company.

Google, telecommuting

1. Google

Not surprisingly, the "king of perks" has a telecommute policy, though most telecommute jobs are Ad Quality Ratings professionals, who evaluate the accuracy of Google Web ads and communicating the effectiveness of Web layouts and information using an online tool. Though with subsidized massages, wellness centers, a sports arena, and those mysterious Google barges, why wouldn’t you want to head into the office?