Relics of Technology

Where nostalgia and curiosity collide: One photographers quest to capture the beauty in old tech.

"The seeds for the Relics of Technology project started when I found a brick cell phone at a thrift store in rural Oregon. Since finding it, similar bits and pieces of old technology and media kept grabbing my attention. The fascination was equal parts nostalgia for the forms, and curiosity as to what had become of them. One thing led to another and I was on the hunt for groups of media and key pieces of technology, most of which have now been downsized to fit in the palm of our hand. These photos are reminders that progress has a price and our efforts have an expiration date." - Jim Golden

35mm Slide Caddy

Old 45s

Atari Joystick


Film Projector

Jaz Disk



Rotary Phone

Slide Projector





Zip Discs

3 inch floppy

8 inch floppy

Brick Phone

Punched Cards