Products of the week 12.09.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as HP and Juniper

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Armored Browser

Product name: Quarri Armored Browser

Key features: a multifunctional secure browser that protects enterprise’s endpoints from being infected by malware. The product combats the growing number of strands of malware that are successfully infecting enterprises on a daily basis. More info.

IronKey™ Workspace Provisioning Tool

Product Name:IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool

Key Features: speeds and simplifies provisioning of Windows 8.1 desktops using Microsoft’s Windows To Go on IronKey Workspace USB drives. The software-base solution provisions up to 42 IronKey Workspace drives in approximately one hour, allowing organizations to realize the cost savings and mobility-enabling benefits of Microsoft Windows To Go. More info.

Open SDN Starter Kit

Product Name: Open SDN Starter Kit

Key features: The software-defined network (SDN) starter kit is ready in 1 hour, and  includes the SDN controller, physical switch, programmable OpenFlow-based network tap application and Snort IDS / IPS. More info.

FireEye Email Threat Prevention

Product name: FireEye Email Threat Prevention

Key features: No hardware or software to install, the cloud-based Email Threat Prevention platform utilizes signature-less FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to analyze every attachment and URL to detect threats and stop APT attacks in real time. More info.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Product name: Magento Enterprise Edition

Key features: Magento announced an update to the Enterprise Edition of the Magento platform, which will advance overall quality and ease operations with significant tax calculation improvements, functional improvements, and security enhancements. More info.

Barracuda Message Archiver Version 3.5

Product name – Barracuda Message Archiver Version 3.5

Key features

  • Support for Exchange 2013
  • Support for Office 365 and Google Apps using Cloud Relay
  • Updated apps for Outlook 2013, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Integration with Copy for message exports

More info.

The MobileCloud Developer’s Toolkit

Product name: MobileCloud Developer Toolkit

Key features: extends popular open source development tools, including Eclipse, Selenium, and Jenkins, to mobile, enabling mobile app developers to leverage existing tools/workflows, enable continuous integration and support faster delivery. More info.

HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization

Product name: HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization

Key features: helps customers easily scale computing resources with pre-configured integrated systems that support 50 to 1,000 plus virtual machines to increase performance and availability of virtual environments. More info.

Kendo UI

Product name: Kendo UI

Price: Starts at $199/developer for Kendo UI Mobile; the full tools suite is $699; server "wrappers" for ASP.NET MVC, JSP, and PHP add $300 each.

Key features: The latest release of this HTML5/Javascript user interface framework for Web and app developers, adds the first of a set of UI widgets that can automatically adapt to a tablet, smartphone, or PC display. Also new: five more chart types for the DataViz component; full support for touch, mapping, spatial visualization and iOS 7. More info.

Secure Content Locker

Product name: Secure Content Locker

Price: basic version starts at $1.50 per user per month; advanced version, starting at $4

Key features: Newest version of AirWatch’s management service for enterprise content includes editing and annotating of Microsoft Office documents, Windows 8.1 support, repository integration with Google, SkyDrive and SharePoint. Users can capture photos and videos, encrypt files and apply metadata tags. More info.

HP StoreOnce Backup portfolio

Product name: HP StoreOnce 6500

Key features: enables customers to efficiently manage growth by protecting more data in less time with increased backup performance and recovery speed. More info.

AirWatch App Reputation Scanning

Product name: AirWatch App Reputation Scanning

Price: Two options: $0.50 per device monthly subscription (includes maintenance); one-time, perpetual license fee of $10 per device ($2 per device yearly maintenance fee)

Key features: ARS runs an automated analysis of any mobile app, and shows you risky behaviors, what device privacy settings it accesses, whether it exposes user contact or geolocation data, insecure coding, and more; grading and flagging all problems in a visual report. More info.   

4-Outlet Switched PDU with Enterprise Management Software

Product name: 4-Outlet Switched PDU with Enterprise Management Software

Key features: NPS-4HS15 series switched PDUs offer secure out-of-band access to power switching and reboot functions on remote network elements.  Included Enterprise Management Software simplifies control of multiple switched PDUs via a single interface. More info.

Junos Pulse Secure Access Service 8.0 and Junos Pulse Access Control Service 5.0

Product name: Junos Pulse Secure Access Service 8.0 and Junos Pulse Access Control Service 5.0

Key features: delivers better BYOD with MDM partner integrations leveraging Airwatch and MobileIron Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to enable intelligent mobile and context-aware network policy controls. More info.