Slideshow: Summer Dress Code Dos and Don’ts

Most companies these days are "business casual" anyway, but there are those companies out there that still have a "Casual Friday" where employees are allowed to dress down. When summer rolls around, the weather and more relaxed atmosphere at work may cause employees to think about dressing down even further.

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TIP# 3DON'T be a flasher: Short shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops and low-cut or sheer blouses may be exciting to look at or wear in the summer, but not at the office.
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TIP# 4 Wear layers: Most offices have air-conditioning issues in the summer, so make sure you have options in case your office is 30 degrees colder than the outside.
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TIP# 5 DO: Be ready for emergencies: Have a change of clothes ready in case someone important like the CEO stops by.
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TIP# 6We want to hear from YOU! Share your office attire dos and don’ts (and pictures if you have them) and let us know why something worked and why it didn’t.
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