Products of the week 11.2513

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Extreme and BeyondTrust

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

ThreatAnalyzer 5.0

Product name: ThreatAnalyzer 5.0

Key features: improved behavioral analysis, simulated reboot countermeasures for sandbox-evading malware, and redesigned user interface – ThreatAnalyzer helps cybersecurity professionals identify and remediate malicious files. More info.

MOVEit™ Cloud8.0

Product name – MOVEit Cloud 8.0

Key features – adds mobile support to the Managed File Transfer (MFT) cloud service, allowing workers to access and transfer files, while keeping them associated with the appropriate processes and systems. More info.


Product name: BeyondSaaS

Key features:  is a cost effective cloud-based vulnerability assessment scanning solution that enables customers to achieve PCI DSS compliance by scanning externally facing webpages and IP addresses for vulnerabilities. BeyondSaaS simplifies the entire vulnerability management process by allowing an organization to rapidly assess public facing assets and manage all of the job scheduling, reporting and results using the latest web browser technology. More info.

Product name: ICX 7750

Key features: Stackable switch designed for scale-out campus aggregation. Up to 3,000 1/10 GbE ports, or 800 40 GbE ports in a single logical device. Up to 82Tbps of aggregate switching capacity. Up to 46 billion packet/sec of aggregate forwarding capacity. Support for OpenFlow 1.3. Available in three models:

  • 26 fixed 40 GbE and six 40 GbE slot module
  • 48 fixed 10 GbE and six fixed 40 GbE + 6×40 GbE slot
  • 48 10GBase-T and six fixed 40 GbE +6×40 GbE slot

More info.

NetCitadel ThreatOptics security threat management platform

Product name – NetCitadel ThreatOptics security threat management platform

Key features – This virtual appliance solution applies context and intelligence to detected security events and dramatically reduces incident response times to Advanced Persistent Threats and malware attacks. More info.

Anomaly Detective 3.0

Product name: Anomaly Detective 3.0

Key features: Automatically learns the normal behavior of populations of users, devices and resources, then cross-correlates data sources in real time to identify the anomalous behaviors that indicate advanced security threats. More info.


Product name: FortiSandbox-3000D

Key features: is an advanced threat prevention appliance that provides enterprises with a powerful tool to help combat Advanced Persistent Threats. The new offering combines a unique dual-level sandbox, dynamic threat intelligence, real-time dashboard and rich reporting in a single device that integrates with Fortinet’s FortiGate next generation firewalls and FortiMail email gateway appliances. More info.

Eccentex Advanced AppTemplates for Case Management

Product name: Eccentex Advanced AppTemplates for Case Management

Key features: AppTemplates are prebuilt application templates designed to support business analysts in performing a range of investigative, incident and services-based tasks. These facilitate a quick-start solution to help knowledge workers manage tasks, resources and workflow in an easy-to-use interface that support regular updates and ongoing rule and platform modifications to meet specific needs and challenges. More info.

Centrify Server Suite

Product name – Centrify Server Suite

Key features – The new Centrify solution features Centrify Identity Risk Assessor, enabling organizations to quickly identify identity-related risks to protect from internal threats and meet compliance requirements on-premise and in the cloud. More info.

Unisys VantagePoint

Product name: Unisys VantagePoint

Key features: An advanced service orchestration center and user interface for IT service management systems, VantagePoint aggregates individualized information relevant to specific users’ organizational roles, called “personas.” More info.

Privileged Threat Analytics

Product name: Privileged Threat Analytics

Key features: Identifies previously undetectable malicious privileged user and account behavior to disrupt in-progress attacks before damage is done to a business. More info.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3

Product Name: Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3

Key features: integrates into PostgreSQL materialized views and performance improvements in partitioning to handle large datasets that require scaling to hundreds and even thousands of table partitions. More info.

Centrify for SaaS Identity-as-a-Service

Product name: Centrify’s Identity-as-a-Service Solution for Social Media Access

Key features: provides robust Active Directory- and/or cloud-based access and application management across cloud applications, including shared enterprise accounts for social media sites. More info.

Zettaset Orchestrator – Data Encryption for Hadoop

Product name: Zettaset Orchestrator – Data Encryption for Hadoop

Key features: Optimized for Hadoop, negligible impact on server performance, leverages high-availability key manager, uses KMIP standard AES-256 encryption, compatible with HSMs. More info.

Big Data Visibility

Product name: Big Data Visibility

Key features: vSpool enables network data to be captured and analyzed by network analytics, forensics and big-data systems.  

vNetConnect provides visibility into virtual switches, physical and virtual workloads, and associated network traffic. More info.

CommVault’s integration with Amazon S3 and Glacier

Product name: CommVault integration with Amazon S3 and Glacier

Key features: enables customers to seamlessly manage data between private & public cloud storage platforms, and later search and retrieve at a file level – all from a single platform. More info.

Log Manager for AWS CloudTrail

Product name: Log Manager for AWS CloudTrail

Key features: Alert Logic’s Log Manager for AWS now supports AWS CloudTrail – a web service that records AWS API calls for an AWS account and delivers the data in log files. Log Manager + CloudTrail provides log collection and analysis of user activity as well as resource tracking for security, compliance, and auditing. More info.

HotLink & NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services

Product name: HotLink & NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services

Key features: The joint solution between HotLink and NetApp unifies VMware and AWS management, enables easy VM portability and provides secure, high-performance storage for enterprise class hybrid IT environments. More info.

Cloudera Enterprise 5

Product name: Cloudera Enterprise 5

Key features: offers advancements that simplify storing, processing, analyzing and managing large datasets, with increased security, robust data management and integration with third-party applications. More info.

Storm Private Cloud

Product Name: Storm Private Cloud

Key features: Hosted private cloud gives customers secure dedicated servers with the ability to create, customize, move, resize, and destroy any number of virtual Windows & Linux instances.

AWS CloudTrail

Product name: CloudTrail

Key features: creates a historical log of AWS activity by recording every API call made on the AWS account. Information includes: identity, time and IP address of the API caller, request parameters and AWS response. More info.

Product name: WorkSpaces

Key features: Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed desktop computing service. It allows customers to provision cloud-based desktops giving users access the documents, applications and resources on laptops or tablets. More info.

Ixia Net Tool Optimizer 2112/2113

Product name: Ixia Net Tool Optimizer 2112/2113

Key features: entry-level network monitoring switches to increase network visibility and improve monitoring tool performance in smaller network deployments such as remote/branch offices. More info.

Compact Network Power Switch with Enterprise Management Software

Product name: Compact Network Power Switch with Enterprise Management Software

Key features: WTI’s NPS-3F15 network power switch provides a perfect remote reboot solution for traffic control enclosures and other applications where rack space is scarce. Enterprise Management Software allows control of multiple units via a single interface. More info.