Products of the week 12.16.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as HP and BMC

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Norse IPViking 2.0

Product Name: Norse IPViking 2.0

Key Features: A cloud-based IT security solution providing live threat intelligence about malicious IP addresses. New capabilities allow users to detect malware while still in the development phase, before it can be used in an attack, and devices including mobile and satellites attempting to connect to networks via malicious IPs. More info.

RadiantONE 7.0

Product Name: RadiantONE 7.0

Key features –  introduces HDAP, the world’s first LDAP directory based on search technology and large cluster computing, with an advanced identity integration layer based on virtualization. HDAP allows enterprises to harness the power of large cluster and elastic computing in their identity infrastructure.

Nutanix NX-7110 Virtual Computing Platform

Product name: Nutanix NX-7110 Virtual Computing Platform

Key features: a converged platform built for virtualizing graphics-rich desktops. It incorporates NVIDIA GRID and Teradici PCoIP graphics acceleration technologies enabling users to work with the same graphics applications used every day, but via a virtual desktop. More info.

BMC Marketplace

Product name: BMC Marketplace

Key features: Cloud-based app store for companies who want to deploy their own “Amazon-like” Marketplace to market and sell mobile, cloud, custom and desktop applications. More info.

Zenoss ZenPack for Microsoft Windows Azure

Product name: Zenoss ZenPack for Microsoft Windows Azure

Key features: Windows Azure ZenPack allows Zenoss Service Dynamics users to monitor services running within Microsoft Windows Azure cloud environment and providing a consolidated view and monitoring of their entire Hybrid environment. More info.

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Product name: SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Key features: SolarWinds enhanced its real-time network utilization and bandwidth monitoring product, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, with 400 percent faster flow processing speed and detailed one-minute data visibility. More info.

Threat and Event Console

Product name: Threat and Event Console 

Pricing:  Starting price for the iboss Web Security suite is $1,295/yr for the cloud solution and $795/yr + a one time $1,995 hardware fee for on the premise solution. 

Key features: provides in-depth insight and instant visual mapping to pinpoint cybersecurity threats, malware breaches on mobile devices and attacks entering the network from social media sites. More info.

Biscom SecureMail

Product name: Biscom SecureMail

Key features: designed for SMBs looking for the security of a file transfer solution without managing on-premises servers. Fast to set up, simple billing, world-class support. More info.

Enterprise Random Password Manager

Product name - Enterprise Random Password Manager

Key features -  is now available on Windows Azure. It can deploy in minutes in Windows Azure to automatically find, manage and secure privileged identities located in the cloud or on premises. More info.

HP CloudSystem

Product name: Next-Generation HP CloudSystem

Key features: now integrates HP Cloud OS, eliminating vendor lock-in. Easy-to-use interfaces increase productivity of cloud service consumers and administrators.  More info.

Remote Console Port Access Solution with Enterprise Management Software

Product name: Remote Console Port Access Solution with Enterprise Management Software

Key features: TSM series console servers provide secure, reliable, remote access to console ports on distant network elements. Includes WMU Enterprise Management Software to allow management of multiple console servers via a single control interface. More info.

Matrix Solution Suite

Product name: Matrix Solution Suite

Key features: Matrix enables organizations to maximize the power of each connection to individuals, devices, and information to create a more productive and responsive enterprise, delivering meaningful and measurable results. More info.

Slicestor 4100 and Slicestor 2440

Product name: Slicestor 4100 and Slicestor 2440

Key features: The Slicestor 4100 is an SSD, object-based storage platform in a 1U form factor that delivers 10x capacity over previous models. The Slicestor 2440 model delivers 5x the throughput. More info.

Birst Visualizer

Product name: Birst Visualizer

Key features: is a new business-oriented visual discovery capability in Birst's end-to-end cloud platform. Visualizer’s guided experience auto-suggests chart types based on selected data combinations/searching as one types. More info.

GreenButton WarpDrive

Product name: GreenButton WarpDrive    

Key features: a solution providing accelerated and secure transfers of large datasets to the cloud - seamlessly integrating GridFTP with WarpDrive and cloud storage. More info.

Skyhigh Secure for Box

Product name: Skyhigh Secure for Box

Key features: transparently enforces internal and external compliance policies without adding friction to the user experience. Skyhigh Secure delivers a virtual “cloud edge” that secures other leading cloud services, including Salesforce, Jive, Office 365, Workday, Netsuite, and ServiceNow. More info.

LMOS for Cisco UCS C-Series Servers

Product name:  LoadMaster Operating System for Cisco UCS C-Series

Pricing: 6-core Version License: MSRP $20,000

            16-core Version License: MSRP: $30,000

            32-core Version License: MSRP: $70,000

Key features: is an IVT-certified solution. Bare metal operation offers high-performing L4-7 load balancing and a clear transition path for customers who deployed Cisco ACE solutions.